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- 1 , 2007: 82 - " : " - [] / December 1, 2007: 82 participants from different cities and villages of Belarus participated in master-class of INTERNET-GAME "OUR BELARUS: DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES" [photogallery]


- C iEARN , 09/11/06 42 . [] / NEWLINE has published new photogalery from iEARN Teacher's Meeting at Minsk Law School 42 held on 09/11/06 [photogallery]

- C 28/12/06 23 . , iEARN [] / Pictures from a seminar organized for teachers of Minsk Gymnasia 23 on 28/12/06 on telecommunicational projects in education (iEARN) are now on the web [photogallery].

-"Tool Fair", 1-5.10.2006, Marly Le Roi, France: the "Tool Fair" will gather 120 people coming from both programme and partner countries, all stakeholders of the YOUTH programme (young people, youth workers, trainers, etc). YIEC NEWLINE has held a workshop on Internet technologies in education using iEARN and NEWLINE examples and tools.

- NEWLINE iEARN-Belarus ENO Programme - , / NEWLINE together with iEARN-Belarus and ENO Programme celebrated the International Day of Peace by planing trees - a symbol of peace, connection of generations and passing on traditions

-iEARN World Conference 2006 in Enschede, The Netherlands
+ /report from the event

- NEWLINE, THNK ACT MDGs iEARN-Belarus NGO Market / NEWLINE, THINK ACT MDGs project and iEARN-Belarus presentation at NGO Market in Prague - 25/04/2006


- "Internet as an instrument of teaching at school" teacher's workshop 28/ 10/ 2005

- () / art-workshop Almost neighbors let's know each other (Poland)

- Belarus in The Art Miles Project


- Training for iEARN: "iEARN Internet Projects - content and participation", Minsk, 30.09.2004.

- iEARN teachers seminar-training: "Creating Project Website at School", National Library, 20 24.09.2004

- iEARN-Belarus Conference National and International Educational Projects - Minsk (June 2004)

- iEARN Teachers/Students Seminar: World We Live In and iEARN Projects (Dobrush gymnasium, Gomel area, May, 29

- iEARN Internet-Conference: iEARN projects at school with iEARN-Ukraine schools - (Minsk, May 23, 2004)

- World We Live In: The Art Miles Traveling Exhibition in schools (Minsk and Minsk area, May, 2004)

- April Decade of iEARN presentation meetings iEARN Internet Projects content and participation in schools from the regions suffered from Chernobyl (Stolin, Volojin, Dribin, Slavgorod, April 6 16)

- Spring Discussion Camp of World We Live In Project participants (MSPYC, March, 22-26)

- iEARN Workshop "iEARN Projects in Education and Learning", workshop (Gomel, 28-29/02/2004)

- iEARN Seminar and Workshop "Internet as a tool for teaching and learning" for teachers - newcomers at iEARN Network, workshop (Minsk, 18-19/02/2004)

- Internet training workshop: "iEARN Internet Projects - content and students participation", workshop (Minsk, 06-07/02/2004)

- iEARN Workshop on creating iEARN-Belarus Website, workshop (Minsk, 28/01/2004)

- "Internet Projects for Philosophy Faculty Students of the European Humanitarian University", Workshop (EHU, 13/01/2004)

- Christmas Workshop for iEARN Teachers (Minsk, 06/01/2004)


- iEARN-Belarus seminar (Minsk 2003)

- iEARN seminar in Zhdanovichi school for deaf children

- Spring Discusssion Camp of the World We Live In Project (2003)

- 2003 iEARN Conference in Japan

- "From Russia to Japan with Love" Project Gallery in Minsk



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