Minsk Gymnasium 19

Good afternoon,
from 27 to 30 March the International Youth Camp Spring took place in Braslav. More than 70 people attended it. One day (March 29) was declared as a day of youth
initiatives. The team from gymnasium № 19, Minsk announced an action "Hand of Friendship". Knowing about the situation in Japan, we decided to support our Japanese friends at least with words. People say that if you make 1000 Japanese cranes and make a wish, it will certainly come true. Therefore, we decided to make Japanese cranes and write on their wings the words that would support in a difficult minute. We were supported by all participants of the camp: the team of project "Lifesavior Yourself" from  Domotkanovichi, Kletsk region, Minsk area; the team of project "Human traces - traces of life" from Shchuchin; the team from Novopolotsk school № 12; the team Vitebsk gymnasium № 4;  teams of Braslav school № 1, School № 2 and primary school; the team of project "World we live in" erom State Gymnasium, and The Lithuanian team.  Of course we do not have 1000 cranes, but I know that the action will last and those guys who attended the camp will tell about the action and hold it at their schools.

Even a word can make a lot!


Svetlana Yakubovskaya

And participants of club WEP_19