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17.12.2010 17:12

Newsflash #280, December 16, 2010

1. Sign up now for the next session of iEARN Learning Circles.
2. Want to communicate and collaborate on projects in German?
3. Share your designs in the Origami Project.


4. 2010-2011 iEARN Project Book now available in Arabic.
5. Over 200 classrooms in 30 countries are exchanging cards in the Holiday Card Project.
6. World Youth News launches MDG Reporting Labs with UNICEF and the PBS NewsHour Extra.
7. Second issue of iEARN-Egypt Alumni iEXPRESS Magazine published.
8. Register now for next session of iEARN-USA's Online Professional Development Courses, February 25-April 24 2011.

9. iEARN teams in Slovenia and Netherlands gathering in Slovenia for Global Teenager Workshop, December 16-17, 2010.
10. iEARN-Romania to host Adobe Youth Voices workshop in Bucharest, December 17-18, 2010.
11. 2011 iEARN Annual Conference and Youth Summit in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, July 17-23, 2011.
12. 2011 iEARN Natural Disaster Youth Summit in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, July 17-23, 2011.

13. VI Jornada D-Educacio I Telecomunicacions - Tools to Transform Education All Day Meeting, hosted by iEARN-Pangea, December 11, 2010.

Download the 2010-2011 iEARN Project Book [ now available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, and Korean ] or view full listing of iEARN projects.

Learning Circles1. NEW PROJECT OFFERINGS FOR LEARNING CIRCLESRegister now for the January to May 2011 session of iEARN Learning Circle.  Learning Circles are highly interactive, project-based partnerships among a small number of schools located throughout the world. The next session of Learning Circles will begin in January of 2011.  Register now!  Over 40 teachers have already registered!  For the next session we are offering some special Circles in addition to our traditional themes:  My Hero: A Call to Action; My City and Me; The Bat-Chen Diaries; Computer Chronicles; Places and Perspectives; Mindworks; My Hero.  Projects descriptions and more information can be found at: You will be asked to reconfirm your registration on or around January 15, 2011.  For questions or more information contact Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript .

2. SEEKING GERMAN LANGUAGE LEARNERS FOR PROJECT PARTNERSHIPS.  Mona Goble, German teacher in the USA writes, "I am looking for a middle school class (age 12-14) outside of the US (preferrably in Asia, India, or the Middle East) that is learning German at the beginner level. I would like to collaborate with this class on a common project in English and German in order to build relationships, to clear up stereotypes and cultural or political misconceptions, and to form friendships."  Interested?  Connect in the new iEARN Beginner German Language Forum.

3. ORIGAMI PROJECT.  This is a project that provides children much entertainment as they see the changes from a sheet of paper into a three-dimensional object. It does not take much space, much money, or much time, but a sheet of paper and instructions on how to fold. Check out recent contributions from Canada, Japan, and Pakistan.  Connect to the forum and learn more on the iEARN Origami Project Page.


4. 2010-2011 iEARN PROJECT BOOK NOW AVAILABLE IN ARABIC.  Thank you to the iEARN-Oman team for the translation!  Click here to download this and other language versions.

Holiday Cards5. OVER 200 CLASSROOMS IN 30 COUNTRIES ARE PARTICIPATING IN THE HOLIDAY CARD PROJECT.  In 2010, as part of the iEARN Holiday Card Project over 200 classrooms in 30 countries are designing and exchanging holiday cards celebrating the holidays that communities in their country celebrate, including Chinese New Year, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Eid greeting cards.  The project started in 2006, and runs each year between August - January.  Through the organization of Judy Barr (Australia), Holiday Card project facilitator, classes have been placed in groups with approximately seven other schools and are using postal mail and iEARN's online Collaboration Centre to connect, celebrate, and learn together.   Registration for the project is now closed for this year but will start again in September 2011.  Read more and connect on the Holiday Card Project Page.  Watch a short video of some of the participants!

World Youth news6. NEW WORLD YOUTH NEWS MDG REPORTING LABS FOR STUDENTS.  We invite schools to join World Youth News's MDG Reporting Labs.  iEARN-USA, PBS NewsHour Extra and UNICEF are partnering to support students to report on the Millennium Development Goals during the next semester as part of the World Youth News program. Students will start by completing a week-long intensive online training course.  They will then work with graduate journalism students and journalists, who will mentor them to produce multimedia reports.  The MDG Reporting Labs will start in January 2010.  Interested teachers should have groups of at least 5 students between the ages of 14-19.  Please contact Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript by December 20 if you'd like to join.

7. SECOND ISSUE OF iEARN-EGYPT ALUMNI iEXPRESS MAGAZINE PUBLISHED.  See iEXPRESS is published by iEARN-Egypt youth, and features articles and creative writing from around the iEARN network.

8. REGISTER NOW FOR NEXT SESSION OF iEARN-USA'S ONLINE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COURSES, FEBRUARY 25-APRIL 24, 2011.  iEARN-USA's 8-week interactive online professional development courses are a step-by-step guide to integrating an international collaborative project into your classroom.  Courses are open to educators from around the world.  Facilitators will help educators select and develop a project plan that meets their curriculum and educational standards.  Courses start February 25th, 2011.  We recommend you enroll as soon as possible because there are only 25 places available per course.  Scholarships and professional development credits are available.  Learn more and register now!


iEARN teams partner on Global Teenager Project9. iEARN TEAMS IN SLOVENIA AND NETHERLANDS GATHERING IN SLOVENIA FOR GLOBAL TEENAGER WORKSHOP, DECEMBER 16-17, 2010.  Darja Znidarsic from Slovenia and Bob Hofman from Netherlands are organizing a teacher training for Slovenian teachers of all levels from primary schools to faculties.  Participants will study the Global Teenager Project possibilities and advantages for learning and teaching, and will also look at developing Slovenian Learning Circles.  Thank you to the Slovenian National Agency  and Slovenian Ministery of Education for their support.

10. iEARN-ROMANIA TO HOST ADOBE YOUTH VOICES WORKSHOP IN BUCHAREST, DECEMBER 17-18, 2010.  A face-to-face Adobe Youth Voices national workshop will be organized at "Elena Cuza" National College in Bucharest. The workshop will be organized by Cornelia Platon, AYV Project manager in Romania, and the activities will be co-facilitated by Mihaela Runceanu (AYV course co-facilitator) and Dana Vaida, former participants in the AYV course in 2009.  Watch the iEARN/AYV WordPress blog for news.  For ideas on integrating Adobe Youth Voices activities in the classroom, see the Adobe Youth Voices Essentials site.

2011 iEARN Conference11. iEARN-TAIWAN TO HOST THE 18TH ANNUAL iEARN CONFERENCE AND 15TH ANNUAL YOUTH SUMMIT, JULY 17-23, 2011.  The theme will be "Green Tech, Green Life, Great Era."   iEARN-Taiwan announces "We are thrilled to invite all to Kaohsiung, Taiwan to join the 18th International Conference and 15th Youth Summit.  Taiwan is a beautiful island with environmental and cultural diversity.  Our foods, night markets and fruits are something you don't want to miss!  2011 iEARN Annual Conference will be held in the 2nd biggest city of Taiwan, Kaohsiung City.  Kaohsiung is a charming harbor city with its hospitable citizens, pleasant subtropical climate and gentle ocean breeze.  Come to explore the passion and vitality of Taiwan!"  See a video previewdownload a brochure, and stay tuned to the 2011 iEARN Conference Website  for details.

12. iEARN NATURAL DISASTER YOUTH SUMMIT 2011 TO BE HELD IN CONJUNCTION WITH iEARN CONFERENCE AND 15TH ANNUAL YOUTH SUMMIT, JULY 17-23, 2011.  Natural Disater Youth Summit Project is a year-round project in which students learn how to cope with natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, floods, hurricanes, landslides, tsunamis, and droughts through communication and collaboration with global friends. Activities include: 1. “Global Disaster Safety Map” program. Students create a Disaster Safety Map of their school’s surrounding areas. 2. NDYS Teddy Bear Exchange and Kid’s Safety Bag.  As a subsidiary program, NDYS Teddy Bears (NDYS Little Ambassadors) are exchanged between partner schools to strengthen friendly bonds among participants.  Each School can make Kid’s Safety Bag (Emergency bag), too.  3. Discussion, Exhibition and Oral Presentation.  Theme: Climate Change and Disaster Reduction.  As the final event of the project, we will gather at the 18th Annual iEARN Conference and 15th Annual Youth Summit in Taiwan in July 2011 for an exhibition of maps and oral presentations. Through this program, students will grow as global citizens who take actions and share their knowledge of disaster management to local people. 4. In addition to the above activities, schools are invited to submit original activities related to disaster reduction or climate change.


Jornada D-Educacio I Telecomunicacions13. VI JORNADA D'EDUCACIO I TELECOMUNICACIONS - TOOLS TO TRANSFORM EDUCATION ALL DAY MEETING HOSTED BY iEARN-PANGEA, DECEMBER 11, 2010.  iEARN-Pangea, ICE de la UAB(Institute of Education Sciences of the Barcelona University) and Educared organized an all day meeting with more than 150 regional teachers. The aim of the conference was to share with participants the progress in the current lines of iEARN-Pangea, especially those which can contribute to educational change in our country: Research, Innovation, Training, Creation of Digital Resources of Quality in Learning Programs and the Promotion of the Educational Change from Innovative Practices in the Classroom.  A plenary session featured Paula Pérez and Micaela Manso from TELAR/iEARN-Argentina, and 10 different workshops that included tools such as LAMS, ELLUMINATE, QR codes, 3D virtual environments, mobile devices and augmented reality, Wiki, educational tracking with GPS, Microblogging, and Stop Motion.  Read More >  OR See Photos on Picasa >

iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) is a global non-profit network that empowers teachers and students to undertake projects designed to make a meaningful contribution to the health and welfare of the planet and its people. Started in 1988, iEARN is currently active in over 125 countries, with 2,000,000 students participating as part of their education. iEARN-International:

[top banner photo: Students in Japan share their contributions to the Origami Project.]

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