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High School Journalism Program
Newsflash #294, September 16, 2011

Seeking Partners: iEARN Projects and Activities

  • Last chance to register for an iEARN Learning Circle.
  • New gardening forum hosts projects on land use and sustainability.
  • Debunking Stereotypes Project seeking partners.
  • Share photos of your September 21 ENO tree planting activities.
  • Sign up now for the Holiday Card Exchange.
  • Kindred Project seeks stories from 2001, 1991, 1981, 1971, and 1961.
  • New Marriage Customs Around the World Project.
  • Harmony 4 Humanity invites videos from school choirs and youth musicians.
  • Public Art Project - share audio, video, and tweets about public art in your community.
  • Join the Finding Solutions to Hunger Project.

Resources, Contests, Websites, and Announcements

  • New video series featuring iEARN educators.
  • Apply now for the Fulbright Teacher Program.
  • Present at the 2011 Global Education Conference, November 14-18, online and free.

Upcoming Events

  • Global 2011 YouthCaN Events in April 2012.
  • High School Journalism Program Year End Event, September 20, 2011.

Seeking Partners: iEARN Projects and Activities

Learning Circle Logo

Last chance to register for September - January iEARN Learning Circle Session

September 18th is the final extended deadline to register for the September 30, 2011 - January 14, 2012 session of Learning Circles.  Over 160 educators around the world have already registered, so space is limited.  In order to participate in Learning Circles each teacher needs to be a member of iEARN and to fill out an online placement form. After you have registered, you will be contacted by email to reconfirm your registration information and finalize your project choice.  Learning Circles are highly interactive, project-based partnerships among a small number of schools located throughout the world. There are two sessions each year, September - January and January - May.  More info can be found at
Gardening Projects

New gardening forum hosts projects on land use and sustainability

The gardening forum currently hosts two projects: 1) A project on Tub Gardens - micro eco-systems created in containers to encourage diversity and sustainability; and 2) "ANIA Children's Land/ Tierra de Niños" - a project in which students and teachers share sustainable gardening projects using digital photography and storytelling.  Both projects aim to contribute to food production (food security) and self sufficiency, and to support more land that is cared for and cultivated with love and respect.   Read more and connect on the Garden Projects Page.

Debunk Stereotypes

Debunking Stereotypes Project seeking partners

Stereotypes are often not true because they are based on inaccurate generalizations. In this project, students collect information about the cultural stereotypes of their countries. They can interview students from other countries, research online, and discuss with their friends. After that, they try to determine the accuracy of those stereotypes and begin to debunk them. They may conduct small-scale research to verify the information they have collected. At the end, they can set up a blog where they include all the evidence in the form of essays, images, and short clips that support their conclusion. Read more and connect on the Debunk Stereotypes Project Page.

ENO Tree PlantingShare photos of your September 21 ENO tree planting activities

ENO Tree Planting Day is an open event for schools and groups interested in the environment and peace. It is arranged twice in a year, in May and in September. We plant trees and get to know about species on the planting sites. Tree planting is one of the most popular activities in the ENO Programme.  All are welcome to plant trees on the 21st of September. This day is an international day for peace and through this deed we want to protect environment and build peace. Peace is green.  Read more about the ENO Planting Day, and share your September 21 tree planting photos in the iEARN One Day in the Life Project.

Holiday Card ProjectSign up now for the Holiday Card Exchange

Once matched with partner classes around the world, teachers and students prepare envelopes containing holiday cards and send them using snail mail to the other schools in their group between October and December.  Students can choose what holidays they would like to send cards for - for example, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Eid greeting cards. This project involves postal mailings, so participants are encouraged to plan ahead to estimate whether associated costs are within their budget.  Watch an Animoto video of 2010 Holiday Card exchanges.  Read more and register by logging in to the forum on the Holiday Card Exchange Project Page.

Kinded ProjectKindred Project seeking stories from 2011, 1991, 1981, 1971, and 1961

This year, the Kindred project has a special theme -- what were the significant events in these years that affected your community in 2011, 1991, 1981, 1971, and 1961?  Share your stories, photos, and videos in the Kindred forum. Students are asked to interview member of their immediate family (mother, father, brothers, sisters), extended family (grandparents, uncles, aunts), neighbours or friends in the local community. They should ask them about experiences in their life that have been affected by the events of world or local history.  Events may include war, natural disasters, migration, important discoveries, monuments, famous places and so on. Students should focus on the impact for the family.  Read more and connect on the Kindred Project Page.

Gardening ProjectsNew Marriage Customs Around the World Project

This project is about marriage customs all over the world, and it is also a view about how much we are similar and how we are different in many ways.  We would like our students to work on marriage because it is interesting to know about other cultures and other ways of celebrating marriages. By knowing more celebrations, we will talk about global citizenship, and our future generations can raise awareness about different cultural traditions around the world.  Read more and connect on the Marriage Customs around the World Project.

Harmony 4 HumanityHarmony 4 Humanity invites videos from school choirs and youth musicians

Through this project, students share their culture through music. Video creations can be as simple or as complex as the individual classroom decides.  Students will participate in writing scripts, filming, video production and editing, and performing.  While doing this, students will have the opportunity to learn about their own heritage and traditions as well as those of the other participating schools.  Each video should be around 10 minutes and may include music and/or culture of your area.  Upload a video sharing your current projects with us, your national anthem, or how music plays a role in the lives of your students.  We are open to any and all ideas!  Read more and connect on the Harmony 4 Humanity Project Page.

Harmony 4 Humanity

Public Art Project - share audio, video, and tweets about public art in your community

This project aims to promote knowledge of public art, and to encourage collaboration among students through an exchange about the public art they see in their own communities.  Students are invited to choose an example of public art, research it, take pictures of it, write a report, record an audio file based on that report, and then create a geo-tagged audio file and/or Tweet about it.  Click here to listen to contributions from students on the Public Art website. This year, there will be two registration periods. The first one now in September, and the other one in February.  For more information, see the project website at

Kids Can Make a Difference

Finding Solutions to Hunger Project

Participants will research and discuss the root causes of hunger and poverty in the world and take meaningful actions to help create a more just and sustainable world. Participants will begin the study of hunger/food justice by examining their own eating patterns. After sharing food diaries and analyzing types and amounts of food consumed per person, students will participate in activities to help understand how food and resources are distributed globally and why people are hungry.  Finally, students will create a service-learning project to educate their school/community about the issue of hunger and how people can effect change.  This project is run in partnership with Kids Can Make a Difference.  Read more and connect on the Finding Solutions to Hunger Project Page.

Resources, Contests, Websites, and Announcements

Sahar Gad, iEARN-Egypt

New video series featuring iEARN educators

Want to hear from educators around the world about their motivation for doing global project work, and what they see as the value of making international connections?  Visit the iEARN-USA YouTube Channel to meet iEARN educators from around the world attending the 2011 iEARN Conference in Taiwan, including Sahar Gad (Egypt), Olga Prokhorenko (Russia), Mike Falik (USA), Daniel Kakinda (Uganda), Warren Sparrow (South Africa), and Ladawan Hengwichitkul (Thailand).  Video series edited and produced by Allan Kakinda (SchoolNet/iEARN-Uganda).

Fulbright Programs

Apply now for Fulbright Teacher Programs

The U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs is sponsoring opportunities for educators to spend a semester or a year abroad: the 2012-2013 Fulbright Teacher Classroom Exchange and Distinguished Awards in Teaching programs.  As a partner in the program, iEARN-USA manages an Online Pre-Departure Orientation for participating educators to prepare them for their international teaching experience.  To read more, and to find out about deadlines and country eligibility for The Fulbright Classroom Teacher Exchange Program and The Distinguished Fulbright Awards in Teaching Program, click here >

Global Education Conference 2011Share your iEARN project work and activities at the 2011 Global Education Conference, November 14 - 18, online and free

Sessions will take place in multiple time zones and multiple languages over the five days. The 2010 Global Education Conference had 15,028 unique logins and presentations from 62 countries. iEARN educators, students and coordinators facilitated 15 of these sessions (see descriptions) and will again be a partner in helping to make the event a success.  All 2011 sessions will be hosted using the Blackboard Collaborate platform and will be broadcast live.  The call for presentations is now live - submit your proposals by October 15th.

Upcoming Events

YouthCan World

Global 2011 YouthCaN Events in April 2012

YouthCaN is a global youth-run organization that uses technology to inspire, connect and educate people worldwide about environmental issues.  YouthCaN events take place around the world in March and April.  The 19th Annual YouthCaN conference at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, USA will take place on April 2 at the American Museum of Natural History.  Stay tuned to for more details. Read more and connect on the YouthCaN Project Page.

High School Journalism

High School Journalism Program Year End Event, September 20th, 2011

iEARN teams in the USA and Kuwait will be hosting an End-of-Year Exhibition on September 20th to celebrate the achievements of the High School Journalism Program. The program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, Office of Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) and seeks to support partnerships between newspapers and high schools to promote quality youth journalism in the region.  The Exhibition will showcase student journalism products, highlight students' summer internship experiences in news agencies, and celebrate the participation of journalist mentors and teachers. In attendance will be students, school administrators, teachers, journalists, the Ministry of Education, and the US Embassy in Kuwait.  Read More >

About iEARN

iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) is a global non-profit network that empowers teachers and students to undertake projects designed to make a meaningful contribution to the health and welfare of the planet and its people. Started in 1988, iEARN is currently active in over 130 countries, with 2,000,000 students participating as part of their education. iEARN-International:


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