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- Cеминар для iEARN учителей, проходивший 09/11/06 в юридической гимназии 42 г. Минска [фотогалерея] / NEWLINE has published new photogalery from iEARN Teacher's Meeting at Minsk Law School 42 held on 09/11/06 [photogallery]

- Cеминар 28/12/06 для учителей гимназии 23 г. Минска, посвященный телекоммуникационным проектам iEARN [фотогалерея] / Pictures from a seminar organized for teachers of Minsk Gymnasia 23 on 28/12/06 on telecommunicational projects in education (iEARN) are now on the web [photogallery].

-"Tool Fair", 1-5.10.2006, Marly Le Roi, France: the "Tool Fair" will gather 120 people coming from both programme and partner countries, all stakeholders of the YOUTH programme (young people, youth workers, trainers, etc). YIEC NEWLINE has held a workshop on Internet technologies in education using iEARN and NEWLINE examples and tools.

- NEWLINE совместно с iEARN-Belarus и ENO Programme отметили День Мира посадкой деревьев - символа мира, связи поколений и передачи традиций/ NEWLINE together with iEARN-Belarus and ENO Programme celebrated the International Day of Peace by planing trees - a symbol of peace, connection of generations and passing on traditions

-iEARN World Conference 2006 in Enschede, The Netherlands
+ Отчет с этого события/report from the event

- Презентация NEWLINE, THNK ACT MDGs и iEARN-Belarus на NGO Market в Праге/ NEWLINE, THINK ACT MDGs project and iEARN-Belarus presentation at NGO Market in Prague - 25/04/2006