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Check out new iEARN Adobe Youth Voices media!

To view the media below, you will need to login to the Adobe Youth Voices website.  If you are an iEARN AYV Educator or Coordinator and have not yet registered for Adobe's AYV Community website, register now.  Once you have registered, you can login and submit your own completed AYV youth media in the iEARN Media Gallery [you will see an option to "Post" at the bottom of the page]  As part of the submission process, you will be asked to fill out a form with background info about your media project(s).

Objects Created in ChinaMade in China? Why not created in China?
Shanghai Pudong Foreign Languages School
Shanghai, China
Subject Matter: Globalization
In this project, we are discussing a problem that so many goods were made in China, but how many of them were created in China? We tried to find the answers to this question and in the end we discovered that few of these products were designed or created in China. We Chinese are always producing but not designing as well. So we should be not only hard-working but also more creative. And in that case, with the intelligence of 1.4 billion people, we can make the world a much better place.

VoteAre you ready to Vote?
Name of Artist: Centro Interescolar de Linguas de  Sobradinho
DF, Brazil
Subject Matter: Community and Society
The city where the students live has been suffering with currupt politicians. A good way to make things become better is knowing how to vote for the candidates that may change the situation and are honest enough to represent the society and do their best to solve the problems we face. Students decided to tell their friends the importance of taking part in the election process and invite them to vote correctly.

Alma MaterFarewell to Our Alma Mater
Name of Project: Farewell to Our Alma Mater
South Pudong Road Elementary School
Shanghai, China
Subject Matter: Education

Five years of happy primary school life was about to end. We were all sad to think that we were going to part from each other soon. On leaving we looked for our footprints everywhere --- on the paths, beside the flowerbeds, on the playground, around the trees and in front of the classroom buildings. Farewell to our school, where we studied hard and played pleasantly, where we were educated and brought up, and where we were going to pass five years of our golden youths! Farewell to our unforgettable primary school life!

ShanghaiA New Shanghainess
South Pudong Road Elementary School
Shanghai, China
Subject Matter: Community and Society

This video aims to touch the life of a migrant worker's child in Shanghai.  Nowadays, those migrant workers and their children are called new shanghainess.  He lives and studies in school from Monday until Friday. So, the movie shows his daily life from morning to evening, like washing, folding up a quilt and exercising in the afternoon.  Then photos of his study life are illustrated.  They are rich and colourful and he can adapt quickly to life in Shanghai.  More photos witness the footprints he left behind in Shanghai.  His smile symbolizes his favourites of Shanghai and inclusiveness of Shanghai.

Tea CultureTea Culture
South Pudong Road Elementary School
Shanghai China
Subject Matter: Ethnicity / Culture

China is the home country of tea. My mother is interested in the culture of Chinese tea from a child. Now she opens a tea club in Shanghai to teach students tea ceremony. After my classmates knew that, they created great interests in studying principles of tea. So one day, I brought them to my mother’s tea club to study together. We not only learned some principles of tea and experienced the happiness to make tea, but also we understood some essences of the culture of Chinese tea.

Intercultural ExchangeIntercultural Exchange For Sustainable Development in the Sultanate of Oman

Fatma Bint Qais School
Dhahira Region, Oman
Subject Matter: Globalization
The media is about Intercultural Exghange for Sustainable Development in the Sultanate of Oman. Omani   People share their cultures with different parts of the world to blend them with other cultures such as peace,care for myself,care for others,saving water and tree planting. Intercultural exchange is a way of bridging and bringing all distant parts of the world into a global village to be hand in hand and getting very close to care for ourselves and care for others as a part of our humanity.


See iEARN's AYV Media Submission Guidelines.  Reminder: to be considered for the special Adobe Youth Voices Media Festival at the 2010 iEARN Conference, media must be submitted online by June 15.
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